Biography: Christopher J. Weed

Born in Philadelphia, PA. Graduated with a BFA from the University of Maryland, two years studying in Germany.

Gallery Representation
A New Leaf Gallery – San Francisco, CA
Shidoni - Sante Fe, NM (1997 - present)
Public Art Commissions
CSU Behaviorial Science Bldg Fort Collins, CO
Colorado Springs Housing Authority, CO
Prairie Center Metropolitan District #3 Brighton, CO
Plaza of the Rockies Colorado Springs, CO
University Park Denver, CO
Lafayette Public Library, Lafayette, CO
Montessori School Denver, CO
RTD Dayton Street Station Denver, CO
Aurora Public library, Aurora CO
University of Colorado, Aurora, CO
Superior Market Place Superior, CO
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Colo Springs, CO
Cottonwood Glen Park, Fort Collins CO
Front Range College Fort Collins, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO
Trinidad State College, Trinidad CO
Littleton Museum, Littleton, CO
Devos Corporation
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
Littleton Historical Museum, Littleton, CO
Grand Rapids, MI
Munich, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Berlin, Germany
New York, NY
San Francisco, California
Los Angeles, California
Miami, Florida
Seattle, Washington
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Denver, Colorado
World Arena, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Littleton Historical Museum, Littleton, Colorado
Press / Articles
July Issue LUXE MAGAZINE pg. 156-157 Article: Beyond Measure
Luxe Magazine Staff | Link

By Edie Adelstein | Colorado Springs Independent Staff | Link

June 20-26 COLORADO SPRINGS INDEPENDENT | Article: Sculpting a Scene
Full Cover and article | Colorado Springs Independent Staff | Link

October 4 GRAND RAPIDS PRESS Grand Rapids, MI | Article: Hidden Gems
By Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk | Photograph and article | Link

September 29 WORLD OF WONDER | “Portal”
Photo by Emily Zoladz | Photojournalist | Link

September 28 WOOD TV Grand Rapids, MI | Story: Artist Christopher Weed
Wood TV Staff | Link

September 22 GRAND RAPIDS PRESS | sculpture titled “Portal”
Photo by Matt Gade | Grand Rapids Press Staff | Link

September 21 WZZM 13 Grand Rapids, MI | Article: Artist Christopher Weed creates giant paperclips
By Jessica Puchala | WZZM 13 Staff | Link

September 9 COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE Section A | Article: Clipped!
By Warren Epstein | Colorado Springs Gazette Staff | Link

Month COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE Life section | Article: Art on the Streets
By Tracey Mobley Martinez | Colorado Springs Gazette Staff

September 5280 MAGAZINE Full page photo | Article: Admiring the View
By Dougald Macdonald | 5280 Magazine Staff Writer | Link

August 9 DENVER POST Arts and Entertainment | Photo & Cover Page Article: A Big Take on Standard Office Fare
By Mark Rinaldi | Denver Post Staff | Link

July 25 COLORADO SPRINGS INDEPENDENT | Article: Rethinking Clip Art
By Bree Abel | CS Indy Staff Writer | Link

June 26 FRESH INK GAZETTE Front cover page photo & article: Clip Art
By Bryan Oller | Fresh Ink Gazette Staff

July 12 COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE Life Section| Paperclips: Artist Aims for Higher Success
By Frances Gomeztagle | Colorado Springs Gazette Staff

December Edition SPRINGS MAGAZINE Atomic Elroy Inner View
By Atomic Elroy

November Edition UNIVERSITY OF DENVER COMMUNITY NEWS Garden of Art, Photo

July 20 COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE | Article/Interview: State of the Arts
By Richard Chapman | Colorado Springs Gazette Staff

June 13 LONGMONT TIMES Region section cover page | Article/Interview: Scott Rochat Art thou ready?
Diagona Project interview

Interview with Craig Richardson

May 17 BEST OF THE SPRINGS Mark Arnest photo and mention Cordera Development

July 31 COLORADO CULTURE CAST | Edition #48
Craig Richardson interview on Public Art Video

July 29 COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE | Full page cover photo | State of Arts
By Mark Arnest

July Edition 5280 MAGAZINE Top of the Town, Editors choice best public sculpture in Denver
Image: Opening Doors” at Fitzsimmons Campus | Link

April 8 THE BOULDER DAILY CAMERA, Cover image and story | Curious Bulls near U.S. 287: Lafayette installs art
Larson, Kate | The Boulder Daily Camera Staff Writer | Link

November 25 ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Spotlight | Cover Image: Red spheres on top of steel poles
By Mary Voelz Chandler | Rocky Mountain News Staff “This piece is an instant landmark”

November 13 DENVER POST | Art for moving masses: Pieces add touch of charm, whimsy to RTD's new southeast rail stations
By Kieran Nicholson | Denver Post Staff Writer | Link

Spring 2006 VIVAT MAGAZINE | Cover Image | Article: Opening the doors to research
By Kenna Brunner | Vivat Magazine Staff Writer

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Arnest, Mark, Colorado Springs, Gazette. Cover image and review “One of the most appealing works by yet by Weed” July 18
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Arnest, Mark, Colorado Springs, Gazette. Cover image and article ”Metal melon likely to stay put” July 18
Arnest, Mark, Colorado Springs, Gazette. “Taking it to the streets”, review July 22
Johnston, Katie, Colorado Springs, Gazette. Lifestyle cover image “obstacles can’t keep artist from flying high” January 24
Arnest, Mark, Colorado Springs, Gazette, “Taking it to the streets” cover story November 5
Harris, Rosemary, Colorado Springs, Gazette, Arts “Starving for Attention” February 12

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